GOP Urges Obama to Come to His Census

GOP Urges Obama to Come to His Census

In a November 2007 with ACORN leaders, candidate Obama said, “I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.” It took President Obama just 29 days to elevate that partnership beyond “fighting” to funding. After promising to ban “special interests” from his recovery plan, the new administration just handed his party’s keys–and $2 billion of your tax dollars–to groups like ACORN, the liberals’ get-out-the-vote powerhouses. The move is one of many political payoffs in the liberal swag bag known as the stimulus bill. Unfortunately for conservatives, it will go a long way toward creating the permanent liberal majority in Congress.

Unlike the old days, when ACORN had to go through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for its share of the federal pie, the stimulus bypasses the middleman and wires the money directly to the group–without the typical lobbying restrictions it might experience under HUD. To an unsuspecting American, these “Neighborhood Stabilization Programs” sound like perfectly legitimate ways to jumpstart the economy. To those of us who have watched entities like ACORN, it’s an outrageous abuse of taxpayer dollars.

Now that Obama has squeaked billions through Congress for his old buddies, he’s set
his sights on the second half of his plan to establish a liberal supermajority–the census. As we reported last week, the President made a big splash with his intent to move the Census Bureau directly under the White House and away from the supervision of the Commerce Department. The idea has incited Republicans and Democrats who disagree with the idea of politicizing the census. As the liberal San Francisco Chronicle points out, “The President will destroy the integrity of one of the U.S. government’s most trusted institution… [the census is] more than a national nose count. It’s used to divvy tax dollars for roads and hospitals, spot population trends for schools… social programs, and–did we forget?–play high-stakes politics.”

Under Obama and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, the census would become a weapon to redistrict America in the liberals’ favor. As FRC’s Ken Blackwell warns in an op-ed today, it would upset the balance of political power and jeopardize representative democracy as we know it. As former co-chairman of the U.S. Census Monitoring Board, Ken is uniquely qualified to talk about the implications of the move. If you’d like to read more from an insiders’ perspective, please log on to and read Ken’s “A Chicago-Style Census.”

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Class Warfare over Prop 8

In California, one student made the mistake of assuming free speech was permitted in Speech class. Last November, during a 2008 course at Los Angeles City College, Jonathan Lopez decided to use his 6-8 minute assignment on “any topic” to talk about Christian faith and traditional marriage. Halfway through the assignment, his professor interrupted him, reportedly calling him a “fascist bastard” in front of the entire class. He refused to allow Lopez to finish. Instead of a percentage, Professor John Matteson wrote this on his paper, “Ask God what your grade is.” Lopez contacted the Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing him in a suit against school officials.

Matteson had no right to practice viewpoint discrimination in a state college, particularly since California had just passed Proposition 8 at the time of Lopez’s speech, making traditional marriage the law of the land. If academic censorship like Matteson’s goes unpunished, it will have a chilling affect on religious freedom across American campuses. If you or a friend has been the target of intimidation, contact FRC at 1-800-225-4008. Our staff will connect you with ADF

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‘X’ Marks the Spot on New Mapping America

On the heels of a U.K. study that found teenagers spend two hours a week watching pornography, FRC’s Dr. Pat Fagan uncovered some important research that may help parents protect their kids from the X-rated culture. In the latest installment of Mapping America, Pat and Dr. Althea Nagai found that only 21% adults who attended religious service as teens and grew up with both biological parents viewed a vulgar film in the past year compared to 34% of adults who came from a broken home and went to church sparingly.

For more of these research nuggets or for a free subscription to FRC’s Mapping America, visit

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