Carolina mosque attended by terror suspects, requires media sign contract to ask questions

The Raleigh, North Carolina mosque whose imam was preaching jihad in the 90’s, and was attended by almost all of the eight Muslims suspected of plotting jihad in North Carolina, is making it harder for the media to access it.

That won’t raise any suspicions or make the general public leery now will it?

The story comes from the News & Observer. The same paper that published a glowing report on Khalilah Sabra, then a Muslim up and comer being groomed by a Muslim state senator named Larry Shaw, now director of the Muslim American Society’s (MAS) Raleigh organization and spokesperson for the N.C. jihad ringleader. N&O reported Sabra being recruited to Pakistan by Osama bin Laden’s mentor – the ideological founder of al Qaeda Abdullah Azzam – but then deleted that damning section of their report, as well as Sabra’s admission of past support for armed resistance, after we highlighted those facts.

From Wrong time to clam up | News & Observer:

…following the indictment of eight Triangle men on terrorism charges, the area’s most prominent mosque, the Islamic Association of Raleigh, is limiting access.

Did those eight Triangle men have anything in common?

To report from the mosque property in West Raleigh, a journalist now must sign a document with six mandates, including: “The Media may not interview any individual on the premises of the Islamic Center of Raleigh or at any other IAR event, except for the authorized IAR spokesperson or any other designated individual as authorized by the IAR leadership.” We mentioned the rules in an Aug. 16 article.

The rules bar reporters and photographers from mosque premises unless they sign a document restricting their movements and acknowledging the threat of legal action if they violate the agreement. The N&O declined to sign the document. Previously, journalists typically had easy access to the mosque.

Each of the indicted men had attended the mosque, although Daniel Boyd, accused ringleader of the indicted men, and his family had left.

After the indictments, the IAR’s leadership team prevented the mosque’s spiritual leader from speaking with reporters — a different approach than the mosque has taken in recent years.

Is the News & Observer unhappy with the new mosque media rules because they won’t have access to potential information on Islamic terrorists?

…local Muslims have benefited over the years from being open. Instead of retreating in the wake of the indictments, I hope Triangle Muslim leaders will remember they have a story to tell, and we can help tell it.

It appears the unhappiness is because they won’t be able to participate in their usual Islamic dawah on behalf of North Carolina Muslims.


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