Ideological War – Fighting in the Cause of the Constitution – Se ptember 25th

by D. L. Adams

A massive Islamic “prayer event” is being planned for Washington, DC, in front of the Capitol building, September 25th, from 4am to 7pm. The planners are hoping for 50,000 adherents of the so-called “religion of peace” to attend.

This event is being organized by an aptly-named mosque called ”Dar-ul-Islam” in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

In Islam, the world is broken up into two parts the “house of war”, dar al-harb and the “house of Islam” (or “house of Submission”), dar al-Islam. Dar al-Islam is the condition of the world that is desired by all of Islam, the condition by which all of the world is under Islamic control and no more kafirs exist anywhere (they are conquered/converted, enslaved, or killed). In the bizarre contrary world of Islamic duality, the adherents of the “religion of peace” can say, “Look, Islam is a religion of peace because we want the entire world to be a world of peace.” They will not explain what this means, which is in order to get the world to “peace” Islamically, all non-believers must no longer exist.

Islam is at war with all non-believers forever until the world is under Islamic rule (dar al-Islam) and there are no religions, states, or cultures in existence that are not Islamic. This condition of the absence of non-believers is called “peace” in Islam, dar al-Harb, the House of Peace or House of Islam.

Until the world is entirely Muslim, the earth (for adherents of the “religion of peace”) is in a state of perpetual war.

For adherents of the so-called “religion of peace” the cause of the perpetual war is the existence of kafirs, unbelievers.

It does not matter where the unbelievers are located, Islam is at war with them. This is the command of Allah and Mohammed as found in the trilogy doctrine of Islam (Koran, Sira, and Hadith).

The “prayer gathering” is a big budget event. It is big budget because soft jihad, the jihad against the American kafirs is expensive.

Because the jihad now being fought is one of immigration, al-hijra, and marketing and cultural/ideological warfare it is important to the forces of jihad and Islamization that the message of Islam as a respectable “religion” be brought to the American people again and again and again.

Americans love spectacles – the Islamists know this. Thousands of Muslims praying to the “Abrahamic god of the leading religions of the world” in front of the capitol of the leading kafir nation in the world tends to legitimize Islam. Soft Jihad wants Islam to be legitimized so that it can get the protections and respect due a legitimate religion, which it is not.

Abdellah said he expects 50,000 people to attend, from mosques around the country, though non-Muslims are welcome, too. About 400 people are expected from his own mosque, which is raising money from donors to help pay the cost of the event, expected to surpass $200,000. (source)

It is impossible to see this event as anything but what it is, taqiyya (sacred deception), jihad (endless universal war against the unbelievers), and dawa (conversion).

Taqiyah - Sacred Deception

Taqiyah – Sacred Deception

Our deeply confused multicultural country embraces these kinds of events. When the villains and killers of the “religion of peace” say, “We are really not villains and killers”, we want to believe them. But how many events like 9/11, Beslan, Madrid, Paris, London, Lockerbie, Mumbai, USSCOLE, attacks in Israel, Iraq and across the world every day by adherents of the so-called “religion of peace” against non-believers (kafirs) must occur before we accept the truth – that Islam is not a religion of peace at all. Really, what is the “tipping point” for our denial culture?

The few rational scholars we have left in the United States have read and analysed the doctrine of Islam. It is not a doctrine of peace; it is a doctrine of intolerance, war, conquest, hatred, Islamic supremacy, misogyny, cruelty, and barbarism.

The evidence of the doctrine and the daily events of jihad across the world make the issue plain as day; Islam is foundationally opposed/contrary to American democracy, freedom of religion, free speech (ie, Danish Cartoon horrors, etc. etc.), tolerance for others (and their religions), and respect for women.

Islam is entirely opposed to the existence of the United States or any society like it. The doctrine of Islam is not compatible with American or any democracy. Because the adherents of Islam follow the doctrine of Islam, the ideology and fake religion are not compatible with our country and culture. Pretending otherwise is not realistic.

This Islamic “prayer meeting” in Washington is a prayer for our demise, and Islamization.

No Muslim is allowed to befriend a Christian or Jews, this is the doctrine. No Muslim can live in any country that is not Islamic unless the purpose of living there is a temporary expedient one or to overturn the host country to Islam. Islamic immigration is a form of jihad.

An Invitation to Join Islam - Bin Laden issued a similar "invitation". When this "invitation" is refused (again!) a state of war exists between Islam and host country.

An Invitation to Join Islam – Bin Laden issued a similar "invitation" prior to 9/11/01. When this "invitation" is refused (again!) a state of war exists between Islam and the host country wherever there are Islamic immigrants. This is the very model of Islamization and conquest as laid out by Mohammed.

The Islamic calendar does not begin with the year that Allah “revealed” himself to Mohammed. If Islam was just a religion “Year One” of Islam would be year one of Mohammed’s prophethood. Year One of the Islamic calendar is 9 years after Allah appeared to Mohammed via the “Angel Gabriel”.

Year One of Islam is the year that Mohammed emmigrated to Medina from Mecca.

This is the beginning of Islam as a conquering, violent, cruel, expansionist political ideology. Islam is much more than a religion; Islam is an ideology of conquest and submission. The word “Islam” means ”submission”. The purpose of Islam is to force humanity to submit to Islam. Islam is anti-humanity.

The Islamization of the United States is the great prize that all of Islam has been working toward for the last 1400 years. This cannot be allowed to happen.

The word “Islam” means “Submission”; A “Muslim” is “one who submits”. Muslims say that they are slaves of Allah. If they choose to be slaves, that is their business, of course. The problem is that they believe that everyone, all of humanity, must submit to Islam and be a slave of Allah whether they like it or not, want it or not; this is barbarism and totalitarianism.

Forcing others (kafirs, non-Muslims) to submit to Islam is one of the foundational drives of Islam. This is the core of Islamic doctrine and the essential nature of the existential conflict between Islam and the West. We have no interest in being forced to submit to any ideology, or any person, etc!

This barbaric ideology of slavery and forced submission must be opposed publically in Washington and across the country. Islam’s purpose is the Islamization of the United States and the entire non-Muslim world.

This is not an ideology worthy of support or respect; it is an ideology that all patriotic Americans and lovers of liberty, freedom and tolerance should oppose. If Islam is successful there will never again be a shining city on a hill for oppressed peoples everywhere to look to for inspiration, support, and protection.

If Islam is successful we are all enslaved and that is contrary to the very foundation of what it means to be an American.

Islam has very strict rules about what is permitted and not permitted. What is permitted and not permitted are the foundations of “Islamic morality”; it is not a morality that any Westerner can abide. It is an amoral morality – what is forbidden by Allah and Mohammed is wrong; what is not forbidden by Allah and Mohammed is not wrong.

Unfortunately, (for example) for little females pedophilia is not wrong in Islam. In fact, it is encouraged. It is encouraged because this is what Mohammed did. Because the example of Mohammed is the example that all Muslims are to follow forever all Muslims who are devout Muslims can have sex with little pre-pubescent girls.

Mohammed’s favorite wife (he had at least 7) was Aisha. She was 6 when he “married her”. She spoke about how he allowed her to have her dolls with her in their bedroom even though “images” are “harram” in Islam (bad). When he “consummated” the marriage with Aisha, she still had her dollies, she was 9 years old. This is no “morality” that any decent person can support. But this is the foundation of Islam. If you do not like this you must discuss it with Mohammed.

Respond- Request for Support

SIOA is organizing a response to this taqiya-jihad-dawa event in Washington. (Please see “Part 4, Tools for Ideological War: Applied Islamic Doctrine in Context – Taqiya, Duality, and Jihad”.) We invite participation from any and all counter-jihad organizations. If you can donate to this cause, please do so (there is a donation link at the upper right of the main page of this blog).

More information will be posted on this blog regarding protests, demonstrations, and how we can oppose this Islamization propaganda/taqiya event at our nation’s capitol in the coming days.

Note: If you are a politician, or know a politician, please communicate to SIOA at this blog. One of our core purposes (please see “Statement of Purpose) is to work with politicians on the state and national level to educate them and the American people about the dangers of Islam.

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