Hate-Crimes Debate

Conference Committee Tackles Hate-Crimes Legislation
staff reports

U.S. Senate has added the dangerous proposal to the FY10 Defense Authorization bill.


Despite intense opposition from family advocates, the U.S. House voted earlier this year to create a new class of crimes based on characteristics of the victim, including sexual orientation and "gender identity."

The Senate later added its own version of the dangerous legislation to an unrelated bill — FY10 Defense Authorization. The conference committee begins meeting this week to work out the details.

Matt Barber, director of Cultural Affairs at Liberty Counsel, said liberals in Congress are bent on pushing through an agenda that is not popular with Americans.

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Proponents of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act say it’s all about jobs, but it also would impact the religious liberties of Christian businesses and business owners. In the Focus Action Update, Stuart Shepard asks Carrie Gordon Earll, senior director of issue analysis, to explain what the bill would do.


Focus’ liaison to Millennials tells those at the Values Voter Summit why 20-somethings are important to the political process.

Good News: Freedom Foundation of Texas Receives Focus Action’s Family Champion Award

John Wild, 95, Created ‘Window to the Womb’

Good News: Christian Women Gather to Pray for Next Generation

Lawsuits Swirl as Arizona Pro-Life Law Set to Take Effect



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