Breitbart and Giles Talk ACORN Lawsuit on Fox News

In the first two of what will inevitably be a multitude of ACORN Baltimore lawsuit related media hits, Andrew Breitbart spoke with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News Channel last night while Hannah Giles (and her attorney Kelly Shackelford) spoke with Sean Hannity:

The clips give a basic overview of a lot of arguments that we’ll be seeing as the case unfolds. Breitbart chastises ACORN for infringing on free speech, Giles finds ACORN’s arbitrary $5 million dollar figure “funny,” and both make the case that it is at least a bit ironic that ACORN plans to waste more of our tax dollars in a law suit against the people who exposed the extent to which they are wasting our tax dollars….

Both also note that ACORN Chief Organizer Bertha Lewis thanked the filmmakers for exposing the corruption in her company—this will be hard for ACORN to reconcile in court when Bertha Lewis trots out two ex-employees she terminated to make the case for ACORN’s victimhood.

One item not addressed that might be filed under “OBVIOUS” was that questions are likely to be raised about the wholesale legitimacy of the ACORN Baltimore operation. According to documents obtained by Big Government’s Mike Roman, ACORN was operating illegally in Maryland at the time of the recording. While this fact may not have any bearing on the legality of the videotaping, it certainly makes it easy to understand why nearly every Fox News host is giddy with the prospect of discovery in this case. It is clear that ACORN is running the risk that this lawsuit will only serve to expose them even more.


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