Man accused of plotting to bomb Springfield courthouse

…Neighbors at Finton`s apartment building near Milliken University on Decatur`s Main Street said they saw investigators take more than a dozen bags of evidence from his ground-floor apartment Wednesday night.

Vivian Laster said it looked like investigators were removing jugs of chemicals from the apartment.

"I thought he was maybe making drugs in there," she said. "What if he was making bombs down there?"

Neighbor Nancy Pedigo said Finton told her he`d changed his name and "talked about how the students in Decatur were always drunk, and how he disapproved of that."

"When he said his name was Talib, I thought, uh-oh, you only have to add an `a` and an `n` to that and you know what you get," she said.

Finton attended the Masjid Wali Hasan Islamic Society of Decatur, according to neighbors and people living near the mosque. Nobody was at the small mosque Thursday evening….

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