New York Alert: Same-Sex Marriage Still a Threat

Special Alert Sept. 25, 2009
While the New York Legislature is technically out of session, the state Senate is likely to soon consider a same-sex marriage bill. Your help is needed to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman!

Pro-family advocates have indicated that New York Gov. David Paterson will call a special session sometime around Sept. 29 to ask the Senate to consider same-sex marriage. This is the second time since June that Paterson has called a special session to urge the Senate to legalize gay marriage.

Gov. Paterson, a vocal advocate of same-sex marriage, is clearly pushing the Senate to approve the same-sex marriage bill that the New York Assembly passed earlier this year.

According to Jenny Tyree, marriage analyst at Focus on the Family Action, it’s imperative to protect the traditional definition of marriage. “Marriage and family are the institutions on which the whole of society rests. This legislation threatens those institutions and denies children the best chance to have the stability and security of married, mother-father homes.”

Please help protect marriage! Call your senator via the Senate switchboard at 518-455-2800 and ask him or her to oppose same-sex marriage. To find out who your senator is, visit the Focus on the Family Action Center.


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