Philly: Men Sought After Taking Pictures Along Subway

Here we go again. Two separate incidents in which neither of the suspects have been identified yet Philadelphia police have somehow determined this is NOT related to any terrorist activity? How do they know if they have no clue who the men are? Why would this even make the news if they knew all the answers?

PHILADELPHIA (CBS 3) ―Twice in the past two days, SEPTA officials have alerted police to men taking pictures on the Broad Street subway line in South Philadelphia.

On Wednesday, a SEPTA cashier told officers about a man taking pictures at the Lombard-South station, but the man, after being questioned by the cashier about his activities, left before officers arrived.

“We are attempting to identify that male to determine what the nature or the reason for taking the photographs was,” Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan said.

On Tuesday, officers received a report of a male taking pictures in the track area at the Snyder Avenue station.

So far, neither male has been identified, although Philadelphia Police officials say the two separate incidents have no link to any terrorist activities.

While police have video of the man who they are hoping to interview from the Snyder Avenue Station incident, there is no video of the second man because cameras at the Lombard-South station, and at three of six SEPTA subway stations in South Philadelphia, are covered and not yet working.

SEPTA officials say the security system, which the transit authority describes as “state of the art,” is still being installed and they don’t yet know exactly when the cameras will be uncovered and begin working.

via Men Sought After Taking Pictures Along SEPTA’s Broad Street Line –

The recently disrupted Queens, NY jihad plot suggested a subway or rail attack. Meanwhile, Obama is dismantling the top rail security counter-terrorism unit in the country. Insert head back in sand.

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