Report: Peacekeeper killing Somali suicide bomber from Seattle

By Tricia Escobedo | The CNN Wire

(CNN) — An online report has identified a Somali-American from Seattle, Washington as one of the suicide bombers who killed 21 peacekeepers in Mogadishu, Somalia last week.

The Somali-language Web site said the bomber lived in Washington until 2007. The report could not independently be confirmed.

An FBI spokesman in Seattle, Fred Gutt, said investigators are aware of the report, but he declined to comment about it in detail. When asked if the FBI was looking into the report, Gutt would only say “we have continuing outreach efforts with the (Somali-American) community.”

On Tuesday, reported that at least one of the bombers was a Somali-American who left the United States two years ago. The Web site is operated by members of the Murusude clan, who make up the majority of Al-Shabaab.

A Somali community leader in Minneapolis, Minnesota, meanwhile, has been looking into the possibility that one of the bombers may have been among the men who are missing from around Minneapolis. Omar Jamal, the community leader, said he heard from an Al-Shabaab spokesman last week that the bombers spoke fluent English.

“They were pretending to be UN staff… and when they reached the gate (of the peacekeepers’ headquarters) they engaged in the English language, and that’s why they let them in,” Jamal said the spokesman told him.

That account also could not be verified independently.

– Journalist Mohammed Amiin Adow contributed to this report

Once again, a community leader in Minnesota ‘hearing from’ a spokesman for an Islamic terrorist group. He’s not the only one – we posted just a week ago about Muslims in Minnesota who ‘heard from’ the ‘fighters’ in Somalia. The ongoing NY jihad plot? An imam tipped off the lead terror suspect. Many more posts on the American-Somali-Minnesota-jihad here, and Seattle here.

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