King George Taxed Tea; Obama Wants To Tax Tampons

September 21, 2009 – Last week, Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) offered his version of Obama’s health care reform legislation. His version is designed to punish any America who refuses to obtain health insurance by fining them. He also plans on fining businesses that refuse to cover employees.

But, that’s not all his legislation will do. It is filled with hidden taxes on a variety of products that Americans use every day. Among those items are tampons, contact lenses, diabetic test strips, hearing aides, oxygen bottles, wheelchairs and condoms.

Sen. Baucus has described his legislation as "complex and comprehensive and affecting everybody." He says that understanding his bill "takes time to fully fathom … to put the pieces together."

He’s right. This massive legislation not only will destroy private health insurance in America, but will cost Americans millions of dollars in price increases on health-related products.

His tax on such items as tampons and diabetic test strips is buried in the section on "fees" on page 215 of the bill. The section is titled "Annual Fee On Manufacturers and Importers of Medical Devices."

So, what’s a "medical device" according to the Food and Drug Administration? You will have to head to the FDA’s medical device database to find out. You’ll discover that a whole range of essential health-related products are considered medical devices. All of these will be subject to a "fee" – a less offensive term that means a "tax."

Sen. Baucus apparently wants all Americans to have a part in paying for the destruction of our health care system by imposing a series of "fees" on life-saving devices such as oxygen-tanks and diabetic test strips.

We’ve gone from King George’s tax on tea, to Obama’s tax on tampons. Tyrants are always the same – and their slavish worshippers like Baucus are willing to do their bidding to help tax their subjects into oblivion. President Obama and Sen. Baucus would do well to remember what happened to King George.



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