N.Y. Times joins call for Paterson to step aside

President Obama is gaining allies in his call for New York Gov. David Paterson (D-N.Y.) to step aside and let somebody else run on the Democratic ticket in 2010.

Rep. Dan Maffei (D-N.Y.) this week joined Obama, and now the New York Times is taking up the cause too.

From the Times editorial today:

Now the best thing he can do for his state is to announce that he will not seek a full term next year.

The governor of New York has to lead one of the nation’s biggest states during a time of economic turbulence, when the economy requires cutting the state budget drastically. The governor of New York also has to wrangle a cantankerous Legislature, including a Senate that has become astonishingly self-absorbed, erratic and ineffective — even by Albany-standards.

That does not, by the way, make the White House’s attempt to shove him out of the election next year any less unwelcome and amateurish. But it does provide a focus for what Mr. Paterson ought to be doing in coming months.

With Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch now at his side, he should let his Democratic Party get about the business of choosing a strong gubernatorial candidate. Freed from the political distraction of a campaign, he and Mr. Ravitch could focus on two critical jobs: passing a solid, balanced budget that maintains a good credit rating for the state and trying to get the Legislature to clean up its seedy act.

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