President Obama’s ‘Dreams’ Ghosted By Domestic Terrorist Bill Ay ers

September 24, 2009 – During the presidential election of 2008, TVC repeatedly warned America about Barack Obama’s ties with Bill Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dorhn – both Weather Underground domestic terrorists.

When asked about his relationship to Ayers before during the campaign, Obama answered that Ayes was . He described the relationship as "flimsy."

But that was never true. Even revealed that Ayers had a key role in helping propel Obama into the political spotlight. In fact, Obama launched his political career in Ayers’ living room! They also served on several boards together.

Now, we learn from a new biography of Barack and Michelle by author Christopher Andersen, that Ayers actually ghost-wrote Obama’s highly praised autobiography, "Dreams from My Father."

Andersen describes how Obama had failed to submit his manuscript on time to Time Books of Random House. This is after a cancelled contract with Simon & Schuster for failing to meet his manuscript commitment.

In order to meet his commitment to Time Books, Michelle suggested that Barack hand over taped interviews of his life, partial manuscript, and notes to Bill Ayers.

It was Bill Ayers who penned Obama’s autobiography! This is hardly "just a guy who lived in the neighborhood" or someone who had a flimsy relationship with Obama. Clearly, they were close friends and political soul mates!

Obama’s autobiography was written by his friend, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, yet he denied they had any kind of relationship.

Once again, we see how Obama mishandles the truth when it suits his political agenda. To openly admit that he launched his political career in the home of a man who rejoiced in 9/11 and helped bomb police departments, could have damaged his chances to be president.

In 2008, the American people were fooled by Obama and his Marxist friends. Will they continue to be fooled by him?

TVC has published numerous exposes on Obama’s radical background. They include:

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