Transparency on the Stimulus Spending…Another Source of Information

My colleague Len Gilroy posted a new site here for tracking stimulus spending.

Tom Warne, former Secretary of Transportation in Utah (when I was Secretary in Virginia) told us in his newsletter about another site tracking the stimulus money spending.

The Government operates that we all know about. It tends to be disappointing.

Another site is (name is similar) but is reportedly more up-to-date in its tracking of stimulus spending, and even provides information that the government site will not publish until October.

The dot-com site is run by Seattle-based Onvia, which collects and sells government procurement data, including the spending by all levels of government – state, county, school districts etc.

Warne tells us, “When the federal government rejected its offer to sell its tracking services for stimulus spending, Onvia went into competition by purchasing the domains and opening and Onvia’s version of the government’s tracking website looks "eerily similar" to the dot-gov site, breaking down spending by each state with clickable maps. allows public comments and Onvia reports that 13 of the 15 most frequent visitors to the site are on government computers.

I agree with Tom Warne who said: “Onvia is well known in the industry as a provider of valuable information that helps firms compete in an increasingly challenging market. It is no surprise the private sector can do this better than the government. The irony of this report is that government employees are using the site with such frequency instead of their own site.”

View article…


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