**UPDATE** Group Stands Ground Over Claims That NBC Employee Issued Anti-Semitic Email

Statement by Carter L. Clews to Steve Capus via the Americans For Limited Government website:

The increasingly hysterical responses by NBC news boss Steve Capus to the escalating Stonegate Scandal are disappointing at best and chilling at worst. Here is a man who runs what used to be a highly respected major news bureau who now finds himself conjuring up gremlins in cyberspace to defend what appears to be horrendously bigoted behavior within his own news room.

Having spoken directly with Mr. Capus for nearly 15 minutes Friday afternoon, I want to once again repeat my offer to him: if you really don’t believe that Ms Stone sent the “Bite me, Jew boy” email to ALG staffer Alex Rosenwald, we will be happy to work with you to track down who sent it from her Blackberry using her email address.

This is precisely the same offer I made to Ms Stone at 11:00AM Friday morning, when she denied having sent any such email to Alex Rosenwald. Now, Mr. Capus has changed her story to say that, yes, she sent an email on Thursday, but it did not say “Bite me, Jew boy.”

Again, we are more than willing to help NBC resolve its internal problems, but Mr. Capus needs to work with those trying to ferret out the full story, not against, us. Tom Brokaw, one of Mr. Capus’s closest friends has said of the NBC news boss, “He does have a little bit of a hair trigger. He could blow. But I could always walk in and close the door and say, ‘Take a breath.’ “

My message to Mr. Capus now is, “Take a breath, and let’s try to get to the bottom of what has now become of your once-respected news organization.”

Mr. Clews is the Director of Communications for Americans for Limited Government, the group that exposed the NBC email.


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