“Discover Islam” dawah hits Canada

No pictures of this yet (got pics? send them in) but stumbled across this story through an incoming link from Scaramouche.

Islam on the buses: Waiting for my son at the bus stop after school, I noticed an interesting message on the side of a TTC bus. “Catch a ride to inner peace,” it read. And how, exactly, is one supposed to do that? Apparently, by heeding the bus ad’s advice to “Discover Islam Canada.”

Now, I’m aware of the Canadian Islamic Congress, and CAIR-CAN and–my absolute favourite–the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada, and various other organizations and societies that have “Islam” in their name. But “Discover Islam Canada”–that’s a new one on me.

Intrigued, I clicked on the Web address mentioned in the ad and discovered this fascinating info (my bolds):

You are also invited to “Support a noble cause” and “sponsor a bus ad.”

My response: Thanks, but no thanks, Islam Canada. Since I have already managed to find “inner peace” on my own sans the Koran and using lots of “levity” (an facet of the human response to the world I happen to cherish and, pace the Ayatollah Khomeini’s thoughts on the subject, would hate to eschew) I think I’ll have to pass. However, I would be interested in learning who’s behind this new da’wa push, since, given the rather odd way it’s written, English appears not to be their first language.

It’s not immediately clear who these guys are although their site is hosted on the same server as quite a few other Islamic sites including ICNA’s Canadian website. ICNA is the Muslim Brotherhood group who, along with CAIR, sponsors most of the bus and billboard dawah in the U.S.

Previous Creeping Sharia posts on the similar sounding ‘Why Islam’ dawah ads here.

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