Barack Obama and Israel

Attentive to new developments in Iran, all of them ominous and incendiary, President Barack Obama finally acknowledges that certain threats to annihilate Israel are deeply serious and credible. Yet, he still fails to understand that applying so-called economic sanctions to Iran has always been meaningless. Soon, therefore, unless still-appropriate and operationally-feasible military sanctions are applied, Iran will join the Nuclear Club.

For President Obama and his Secretary of Defense, Mr. Gates, even this regrettable membership would somehow be tolerable. After all, they both assume, Tehran could still be dealt with satisfactorily through nuclear deterrence. The problem with such threat-based optimism, however, is the American leaders` problematic presumption of enemy rationality.

No system of nuclear deterrence can operate in world politics unless all the involved countries value their own physical survival more highly than anything else. Significantly, Tehran’s new nuclear status could coincide with an unshakeable Iranian leadership belief in the Shi’ite apocalypse. Israel could then face not only more Palestinian suicide-bombers (President Obama’s recycled Road Map toward a "Two-State Solution" will only enlarge Palestinian terrorism), but also a distinctly"suicide state."

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