Palestinian “moderates” hail Muslims who attacked Jews

But they sincerely want peace! An update on this story. “Palestinian ‘moderate’ govt slams Israel on mosque,” by Alastair Macdonald for Reuters, September 28 (thanks to Maxwell):

JERUSALEM, Sept 28 (Reuters) – Palestinians’ Western-backed government hailed on Monday people who fought Israeli police in Jerusalem as defenders of a Muslim holy site, and accused Israelis of trying to wreck U.S.-sponsored peace talks.

A day after clashes in the Old City that injured about 30 people and had Palestinian leaders warning of a Third Intifada, or uprising, the statement from the cabinet of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad showed a degree of unity among Western-backed “moderates” and Islamist hardliners in aiming anger at Israel.

With U.S. President Barack Obama’s peace envoy due to hold more talks this week to push for a resumption of negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, the fighting over the holy city at the heart of the conflict was not auspicious.

“The cabinet … hailed our people who rushed yesterday to defend blessed al-Aqsa mosque and thwarted the attempt by extremist settlers to break into the compound,” the Palestinian government said in the statement from its Ramallah headquarters….


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