The president is AWOL

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard. When the Democrats got the White House and super-majorities in both houses of Congress, it was supposed to be smooth sailing for them: minimal debate, passage of everything they wanted, a president to rubber stamp it all.

But then reality set in, and boy, does reality bite.

The Democrats are all over on the map on all of the issues that matter.

On health care, the liberals are at war with the “moderates” over the government option, allowing illegal immigrants to have coverage, and coverage for abortions. The libs want all of it; the “moderates,” sensing political suicide if they go along, are resisting.

The president is AWOL.

On cap and trade, the libs (led by John “Lurch” Kerry and Barbara “Don’t Call Me Ma’am” Boxer) are pushing the high-tax, job-killing scheme, while Dems from coal-producing states are throwing the brakes on it.

The president is AWOL.

On Afghanistan, the Secretary of State, her top advisers, the commanding generals, and the more hawkish Dems want a troop surge of up to 40,000, while the Vice President and many libs want a reduction in troops.

The president is AWOL.

He has spent more time running away from tough decisionmaking than he has spent smoking. And that’s a lot.

The Republicans are, by and large, united in their opposition to these killers of the free market and in their support for giving the military the resources it needs in Afghanistan.

All of the chaos is on the Democratic side. And the president, who is supposed to be something of a party “super-nanny,” is running around Denmark, hoping that electric smile of his will win Chicago the Olympics. He needs to restore order to his own house, before anyone will believe he can ever do it in Afghanistan and Iraq, and indeed, elsewhere where the world needs some order instilled by America.

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