Abortion Support Dropping Under Obama

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Abortion Support Dropping Under Obama
Offer thanksgiving for this trend; pray that it continues.

Pray for mercy and divine intervention; ask the Lord to thwart abortion funding in any health care reform law.
Popular support for abortion has dropped seven points in the past year due in part to the election of a pro-abortion Democratic President, the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life said Thursday, Oct. 1. A drop from 54 to 47 percent in one year is the largest shift in sentiment since pollsters began asking about the topic in 1995. Opposition rose from 40 to 44 percent and the percentage of undecided rose from 6 to 9 percent. "It’s pretty unusual," senior Pew researcher Greg Smith said of the change in public attitudes about abortion rights. "In 2007 and 2008, supporters of abortion clearly outnumbered opponents by a 14-point margin. Now the margin is 3 percent. Basically, they are evenly divided." Pew’s findings square with a similar Gallup Values and Beliefs survey in May that showed more Americans consider themselves to be pro-life (51 percent) than pro-choice (42 percent). (LifeNews.com 10/2/09)

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