Bias in Depaul University’s Space Reservation Process?

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It appears some students are facing opposition from their school administrators regarding No More Che Day.

At DePaul University, Mick Paskiewicz requested table space in the student union to hand out free fliers and posters educating students on Che Guevara’s atrocities.

Below are emails from reservations assistant LaReyna Griffin denying Mick and his conservative club space iDepaul2n the student center for their No More Che Day and other previously planned events. She claimed that Mick’s activities are promotional in nature, yet LaReyna allowed liberal groups to reserve tables in the same area.

Obviously the photos showing the tables from the Students for Justice in Palestine speak for themselves. Nothing says promotional like "GET INVOLVED."

Yet, here are LaReyna’s emails denying Mick’s request because his activities are “promotional.”

September 23, 2009

"Could you please give a detail plan of your event, because we do not allow just promotional tables in the Atrium; all events must have a programmatic aspect.

For any event that we hold in the atrium, we ask that the programmatic aspect be something other than giving out information about the group’s stance on a manner and displaying information for others, we want there to be an interaction between the students and the event in the atrium.

Please let me know how your revised event would go. DePaul Table

Thank you,


[Added emphasis]

Send a Tea Bag to Congress:

April 28, 2009

"We apologize for any confusion. The event you submitted was promotional in nature. As stipulated in the atrium terms and conditions these types of events are not permitted. The atrium is designed for events only. Promotional events must go through one of the promo tables through student life. We encourage your organization to revise the content of your program to fall within the specified guidelines of the atrium. We will be more than happy to approve the request at that time. " [added emphasis]

May 4, 2009

"As stated in our atrium policy guide, the use of that space is for events with a programming aspect. We do not like to take the lounge area/community space offline for an event that requires a table and a few chairs. The use of the space is not best utilized in that way, which is what we are looking for when booking that space.

We direct all events, with such a requirement to either a promo table or our media table. We have had many requests similar to yours and have directed them in the same way." [added emphasis]

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  1. I would highly recommend calling or emailing Fire (

    The university cannot pick and choose who (students) present their views.

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