Bring back the caliphate!

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In "Bring Back the Caliphate: Islamists misrepresent the liberal legacy of the Ottoman Empire," in the Wall Street Journal (October 7), Soner Cagaptay of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy concludes:

Caliph Osman was Turkish by birth, Muslim by religion, and a Westerner by upbringing. I want my caliph back, and so should all Muslims who want deliverance from the distorted and illiberal world envisioned by the Islamists.

Let’s take a look at that liberal Ottoman legacy, shall we? Here is a little background, courtesy Andrew Bostom’s "Turkey: Back to the Future?," in the American Thinker, October 4, 2005. The Turkish historian Halil Inalcik says this:

The ideal of gaza, Holy War, was an important factor in the foundation and development of the Ottoman state. Society in the frontier principalities conformed to a particular cultural pattern imbued with the ideal of continuous Holy War and continuous expansion of the Dar ul Islam–the realms of Islam– until they covered the whole world.

And in Bostom’s followup piece, "Ottoman Dhimmitude," published October 7, 2005 in the Thinker, here is historian Joseph Hacker:

…We possess letters written about the fate of Jews who underwent one or another of the Ottoman conquests. In one of the letters which was written before 1470, there is a description of the fate of such a Jew and his community, according to which description, written in Rhodes and sent to Crete, the fate of the Jews was not different from that of Christians. Many were killed; others were taken captive, and children were [enslaved, forcibly converted
to Islam, and] brought to devshirme…Some letters describe the carrying of the captive Jews to Istanbul and are filled with anti–Ottoman sentiments. Moreover, we have a description of the fate of a Jewish doctor and homilist from Veroia (Kara–Ferya) who fled to Negroponte when his community was driven into exile in 1455. He furnished us with a description of the exiles and their forced passage to Istanbul. Later on we find him at Istanbul itself, and in a homily delivered there in 1468 he expressed his anti–Ottoman feelings openly. We also have some evidence that the Jews of Constantinople suffered from the conquest of the city and that several were sold into slavery.

Liberal? Bring it back? Why did the Wall Street Journal publish this piece? Unfortunately, the paper has a long history of dhimmitude and ignorance about the jihad and Islamic supremacism. Here’s some more.

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