How I Convinced My School to Recognize Freedom Week. Tags: How I Convinced My School to Recognize Freedom Week.

Conservative activist Berlin WallBrett Dinkins at the University of Missouri successfully passed legislation through his student government to recognize Freedom Week. Here are some pointers that can get your school to do the same:

Across the nation universities make ongoing efforts to be "inclusive and diverse." You can see the results of their efforts through providing alternative food at dinning halls for religious holidays or hosting "non-partisan" speakers to lecture on race and gender equality, etc. However, despite making claims of wanting to create a unified campus, they have missed the mark when it comes to one thing that all races, cultures, genders, and ideologies aspire to…freedom.

This is why establishing Freedom Week on your campus is so important! As a conservative activist its your job to bring forth these events that your university would never do on their own. As a known conservative activist, you may run into some issues including liberals who may try to stop you by creating needless obstacles. Here are a few tips you can follow that should be helpful.

First, I took the bill provided in YAF’s Campus Conservative Battleplan and added data that shows that there are more than 100 countries that still do not have freedom.

Broaden support for your efforts by recruiting an openly liberal senator to co-sign with you. Additionally, all student governments operate differently, but at Mizzou we have committee chairs. I had over half the committee chairs sign on to support the bill. Get the support of other student organizations that support your efforts.

Here is the specific bill that was passed at the University of Missouri.

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill # 49-01

A Resolution to Establish “Freedom Week”

Purpose: To honor our veterans, ROTC students, students and faculty currently serving in the military, Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders, those still struggling to achieve personal freedom or freedom for others, and those who have sacrificed for freedom around the world by establishing both Freedom Week and World Freedom Day on the official school calendar of the University of Missouri-Columbia.

WHEREAS, several historic dates important to the spreading of freedom and democracy in America and around the world fall within the week of November 9-14th; AND
WHEREAS, November 9 is the anniversary of the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall, the most recognizable symbol of the Cold War and the Soviet Union’s repression of millions.

WHEREAS, In 2001, President George W. Bush established November 9 as World Freedom Day to recognize freedom’s victory over tyranny with the fall of the Berlin Wall.
WHEREAS, November 11 is Veterans Day, a federal holiday honoring veterans from all of America’s wars; AND
WHEREAS, According to the annual Freedom House report on worldwide freedom 62 countries are considered only partly free, and 42 countries are considered not free; AND
WHEREAS, these countries represent over 3,627,306,000 people who are considered to be less than free in the categories of civil liberties and political rights; AND

WHEREAS, this ongoing struggle for freedom should be recognized and student-organized responses promoted; AND

WHEREAS, the students of the University of Missouri should have an official opportunity to recognize the efforts to preserve freedom both past and present; AND

WHEREAS, the efforts to preserve said freedom are carried out in no small part by the men and women in law enforcement, fire protection, and emergency medical services—the unsung citizens soldiers on which we lean daily; AND

WHEREAS, the efforts to preserve said freedom are carried out in no small part by students and activists, both at Mizzou and around the world, who refuse to let the voices of those currently suppressed grow dormant; AND

WHEREAS, the efforts to preserve said freedom are carried out in no small part by those 3,627,306,000 people who are considered to be less than free and by those of them who still dare to dream—who still fight to hope; AND

WHEREAS, to them this bill and our actions are dedicated.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the week of November 9-14 be declared Freedom Week at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the day of November 9 be recognized as World Freedom Day, and that both be officially added to the University of Missouri Columbia’s calendar as such.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be appropriately prepared and delivered to all relevant individuals within the University Administration as this Senate’s official request for the aforementioned declaration.

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