Same-Sex Marriage Introduced in Washington, DC Tags: Same-Sex Marriage Introduced in Washington,DC

Same-Sex Marriage Introduced in Washington, DC
"National Equality" March on DC set for Sunday, October 11

Pray that the city will permit a vote by the citizens of DC.

Pray for the protection Bishop Harry Jackson and pastors.

Pray for the deliverance and redemption of men and women struggling with same-sex attraction or trapped in destructive homosexual lifestyles and relationships.
NatEqMarLOGO-200.jpgOpenly gay DC council member David Catania introduced a bill, co-sponsored by council Chairman Vincent Gray and other members, on October 6 to allow same-sex couples to be wed in the District of Columbia. Only council members Marion Barry (Ward 8), Harry Thomas Jr. (Ward 5), and Yvette Alexander (Ward 7), have declined to sign on as sponsors. The measure follows a bill passed earlier and not blocked by Congress which permits same-sex marriages performed elsewhere to be recognized in the District.

DC Mayor Adrian Fenty has vowed to sign the bill. Congress will have 30 legislative days to review the legislation. Both Democratic and Republican leaders n Capitol Hill have said there does not appear to be any strong movement to prevent it from becoming law.

Bishop Harry Jackson, spearheading a coalition of hundreds of Metro DC pastors and leaders, reiterated his push for a citywide referendum to outlaw gay marriage. The DC Board of Elections and Ethics scheduled a hearing on Jackson’s request for Oct. 26. If the board rejects his request for a public vote, Jackson has vowed that he will go to court to try to force a referendum.

"This is not a human rights battle," Jackson said. "It’s a political battle." Representatives for Washington’s Roman Catholic Archbishop, Donald Wuerl, and for the Family Research Council also spoke out against the bill. (Washington Post 10/6/09)
Click here to read "Defending Marriage in Troubled Times."

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