Mysterious explosion at Islamic school in Syracuse, New York Tags: Mysterious explosion at Islamic school in Syracuse,New York

Maybe it was just a faulty gas jet. Maybe it was just a wiring problem. Could have been anything. But there have been some interesting stories over the years from Islamic schools in other countries:

July 2009: Bomb kills nine at imam’s house used as Islamic school in Pakistan
April 2007: 22 arrested for bombmaking in Islamic religious school raid in Afghanistan
July 2006: Jihadist killed by his own grenade at religious school in Afghanistan
September 2004: Nine prosecuted for bomb-making at Qur’an recital class in Indonesia

Am I saying that that was what was happening in Syracuse? No, I am not. But I doubt that investigators are even looking into that possibility, because to do so would be "Islamophobic." And that’s the problem. Because it could happen here, even if it didn’t in Syracuse Thursday.

"Cause of explosion at Syracuse Islamic school still undetermined," by Robert A. Baker for The Post-Standard, October 9 (thanks to Steve):

Syracuse, NY — Syracuse fire investigators have not yet determined the cause of an explosion Thursday at the Ihsan School of Excellence, a private Islamic school on West Onondaga Street….

A cause for the explosion in the school’s basement will possibly be released on Monday, Galloway said.

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