NYC Terror Suspect’s Friend, Activist Group Whine – Attempt to End Terror Investigations Tags: NYC Terror Suspect’s Friend,Activist Group Whine – Attempt to End Terror Investigations

Why wouldn’t these Muslims be protesting against and blaming the jihadi’s for their troubles? Nah, more Islamic to protect the mujahideen and blame the unbelievers. The attempt here is very CAIR-like: set the bar for future law enforcement investigations with threats of protests and lawsuits claiming victim status under the guise of ‘religion’. Via

Members of the New York City Muslim community suggested Saturday they were being unfairly targeted in a terror plot probe, as a friend of the probe’s prime suspect said the scrutiny has put his “life on hold.”

Several people speaking Saturday afternoon at a news conference cautioned authorities against profiling Muslims in their probe of an alleged bomb plot with links to Al Qaeda.

The suspect, Najibullah Zazi, an Afghan immigrant who worked in Denver and New York City, is being held without bond in New York. The friend, Naiz Khan, befriended Zazi 10 years ago at a mosque.

Kahn let Zazi stay with him in New York City in the days leading up to what investigators say was a failed attempt last month to bomb sites as the city marked eight years since the Al Qaeda attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Kahn now is under 24-hour FBI surveillance.

“We are so, so nervous,” Khan told reporters at the news conference, organized by the nonprofit group DRUM in Queens, N.Y. “My life has been affected by this. I have no job. … I have put my life on hold.”

“People should not be profiled or characterized as terrorists because of religion,” Monami Maulik told reporters Saturday afternoon.

The prime terror suspect stayed in your apartment – that is hardly profiling. But this should be the message to all friends and family of anyone involved in plotting, promoting, supporting, or covering up Islamic terrorists: if you are involved – your life will be on hold, upside down, and you should be very nervous. Not until the punishment of aiding and abetting jihad is more feared than supporting jihad or keeping silent, will progress be made. Instead, we have what amounts to a 100% tolerance policy.

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