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President Obama is vexed.

What to do about Afghanistan? What to do? Should he listen to his commanding general and introduce 40,000 additional troops? Or should he listen to his Vice President, who wants to fight the war like a video game? And then there is the argument about "separating out" al Qaeda and the Taliban, as if they were two lovestruck teenagers who can be sent to opposite side of the gym at prom.

Part of that argument is that the Taliban is wreaking havoc in Afghanistan, but it doesn’t really pose a threat outside the Afghan borders.

Well, over the past few days, the Taliban blew up the Indian Embassy in Kabul. Yes, Kabul is in Afghanistan, but the embassy was a foreign target, a target that happens to belong to Pakistan’s mortal enemy: India. And then this weekend, the Taliban stormed Army headquarters in Pakistan and took dozens of hostages—a siege that ended in the deaths of at least 19 people. Let’s not forget that Pakistan has between 80 and 120 nuclear weapons. If the Taliban seizes control of them, it will certainly be an international threat beyond the borders of Afghanistan.

Let’s further not forget that the Taliban and al Qaeda militants are escalating their attacks on U.S. soldiers—and that the Taliban supported al Qaeda’s attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

International threat? Yes.

While all of this is going down, The Bama played another four hours of golf yesterday.

And tomorrow, he’ll throw a White House concert for Hispanic music. On the South Lawn performing for a grooving Bama: Gloria Estefan, Jose Feliciano, Thalia, Marc Anthony (what? No J.Lo.?? Oh right: she was there 2 weeks ago), and Jimmy Smits.

I enjoy Latino music, and Gloria Estefan is a particular favorite. But while the world erupts, our allies wait for American leadership, and our enemies take full advantage of the lack of it, is it really wise for our Nobel Peace Prize winner to be lip-synching "Conga?"

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