Will Media Help Sell the New Obama American Flag?

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Will%20Media%20Help%20Sell%20the%20New%20Obama%20American%20Flag%201.jpgThere’s a new American flag available on the Internet that has a picture of President Obama in the corner where the stars representing our fifty states normally reside.

Given how our media have assisted in selling Obama paraphernalia since Inauguration Day, one has to wonder what their position will be on the attractive keepsake pictured right.

As NewsBusters has chronicled, news outlets up until now haven’t been shy about pushing product associated with the new president (larger picture of flag below the fold, h/t Atlas Shrugs):

  • The CBS "Early Show" promoted Obama dolls in April
  • NBC Universal’s online store offers at least 29 Obama-related items for sale
  • The CBS "Early Show" addressed how Obama merchandise was tough to keep on the shelves when the first family vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard over the summer.

With this in mind, why not push the new Obama American flag?


Makes you want to stand and say the Pledge of Allegiance, doesn’t it?

Exit question: should this be called an Obamican flag?

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