Infamous New Orleans ACORN HQ SOLD! Tags: Infamous New Orleans ACORN HQ SOLD!

Anyone in the market for a creepy former funeral home whose major claim to fame is miraculously housing over 200 organizations? Word is, you’re out of luck.

Apparently an offer has been accepted for ACORN’s long-time headquarters on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans, on the edge of the 9th Ward. SEIU 100, which Rathke founded, was also headquartered in that building.


I visited that location in late July to see it for myself, as a colleague and I were in town to attend a Wade Rathke book signing that evening. Because of our straight-forward questions and unedited answers, Wade Rathke called us “Infiltrators.”

Upon seeing the building for sale (which he had seen in b-roll video footage before), we check out the listing on the website of French Quarter Realty. Other information can be found at, which basically a massive nation-wide Multiple Listing Service. obtained this information packet for the property, including interior photos.

When we checked in late July, the property was listed for $885,000. It was $835,000 when an offer was made and accepted. We won’t know the selling price until the deal actually closes.

But now that it looks very possible that ACORN is about to get a major infusion of cash, one wonders how it’ll be spent.

Paying legal bills to sue filmmakers? Settling tax liens? A few last ditch attempts at subverting democracy? I’m guessing the latter. After all, when there’s socialized medicine to be passed and filmmakers to be sued, who needs to worry about a silly little thing like paying taxes?


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