Latest from Rifqa Bary honor killing hearing Tags: Latest from Rifqa Bary honor killing hearing

Via which is one source live blogging the hearing:

3:15 – Hearing starts… Rifqa Bary is in the courtroom, her parents are on a speakerphone from Ohio.

3:30 – State is asking judge to determine if rifqa’s lawyer is working in her best interest

3:35 -Lawyer for Rifqa’s parents says Rifqa’s lawyer has an “agenda” and has attacks the muslim community of Columbus and is using right wing propaganda

3:40 – Judge wants to hear FDLE interview with Rifqa before he decides if it should be released

3:53 – Parents’ lawyer objects the client being “dragged through the court” by guardian ad litem (her legal guardian).

4:15 – Judge says Rifqa stays with foster family while he communicates with Ohio judge to determine jurisdiction and what kind of case this, is dependency or criminal or truancy

For more on the Rifqa Bary honor killing case check Atlas Shrugs who has much more background – also see the Jawa Report who is exposing the Islamist connections all around the Bary’s in Ohio.

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