Meltdown’s Attack on Fox Tags: Meltdown’s Attack on Fox

lawrence o'donnell

Democratic Party lap dog Lawrence O’Donnell sitting in for the unmissed Keith Ogreman threw his support behind the most naked government attack on a free press in living memory. O’Donnell invited Eric Burns, president of the leftwing smear site Media Matters to call for the “quarantine” of Fox.

The factually challenged Burns ended his segment by accusing Ailes of being responsible for the Willie Horton ad which was actually a creation of Al Gore and Floyd Brown, and was mild (and factually accurate) compared to the vicious racism that Democrats routinely display in ads against Republicans (as in the infamous warning that if Republicans won black churches would burn.)

The smug and insufferably arrogant O’Donnell accused Fox of being “obviously an arm of the Republican Party,” apparently oblivious of Glenn Beck’s frequent attacks on the GOP. (O’Donnell was evidently too busy dreaming up smears like “Beck’s bonfire of the insanities” to watch the show.) The aplomb with which so-called liberals are willing to bring the weight of government down on one media channel that is not on board with the Chosen One’s bandwagon shows once again how inside every leftist there’s a totalitarian screaming to get out. One dissenter is always one too many for these people, which is why you can’t name an effective conservative voice that the whole robotic pack of them hasn’t tried to destroy.


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