Charles Krauthammer Has A Biting Take on the Nobel Appeasement Prize Tags: Charles Krauthammer Has A Biting Take on the Nobel Appeasement Prize


Charles Krauthammer at Real Clear Politics:

WASHINGTON — About the only thing more comical than Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was the reaction of those who deemed the award “premature,” as if the brilliance of Obama’s foreign policy is so self-evident and its success so assured that if only the Norway Five had waited a few years, his Nobel worthiness would have been universally acknowledged.

To believe this, you have to be a dreamy adolescent (preferably Scandinavian and a member of the Socialist International) or an indiscriminate imbiber of White House talking points. After all, this was precisely the spin on the president’s various apology tours through Europe and the Middle East: National self-denigration — excuse me, outreach and understanding — is not meant to yield immediate results; it simply plants the seeds of good feeling from which foreign policy successes shall come.

NewsReal has covered Obama’s Nobel win:

· Ben Johnson had the opening post on the subject here, shortly after the news broke.

· Mark J. Koenig had a witty 2 sentence summary here.

· David Horowitz weighed in here in a post appropriately titled Nobel Puzzle.

· John Perazzo had a two part series in which he demonstrated how the Peace Prize has become the Leftist Prize.

· Joseph Klein surveyed what foreign policy “accomplishments” might have merited Obama’s victory.

· I listed the nominees who lost to Obama here. 1190811908119081190811908b.gif?

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