Student short film on ‘Sharia’ in the U.S. Tags: Student short film on ‘Sharia’ in the U.S.

Sharia. Crept. An interesting short film by a student addressing an issue no one else seems willing to address. Which Muslim group will come to the Taliban’s defense first? From

…”Sharia,” a story about a group of teenagers in an American city — nameless, but clearly Portland — that has been taken over by the Taliban.

The plot centers on three boys trying to buy music cassettes from an underground dealer. They get caught and punished by the religious police. A young woman, also named Sharia, becomes so distraught at the consequences that she makes a desperate choice.

“He explained the plot to me, something about Taliban rule in modern times. I thought: OK, that seems intense, but I was up for it,” Wyatt said.

To find his actors, Chvatal-Jones recruited some students from Lincoln’s drama club, and Wyatt rounded up actors she knew. Chvatal-Jones even got his grandfather to play a small role.

He also found two Arabic speakers to portray the zealots of the religious police. But on the day before he started shooting, one of those actors didn’t show. The other was a recent immigrant who confided in Chvatal-Jones that he could not bring himself to portray a member of the Taliban.

What to do?

He wrapped a kaffiyeh around his head and face and became the bad guy, delivering lines such as “Allah is ashamed of you!” with a bark like Christian Bale in “Batman Begins.”

“Sharia,” by Cypress Chvatal-Jones (approximately 19 minutes in length)

hat tip R.E.A.L.

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