Lebanon: Spy devices belonged to Hizballah, not Israel

Big surprise here. An update on this story.

"Lebanon: Exploded Devices Lead To Hezbollah Not Israel, Press," from ANSAmed, October 20 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSAmed) – BEIRUT, OCTOBER 20 – The spy devices destroyed between Saturday and Sunday along the temporary border reportedly belonged to the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah and not to Israel, the pan-Arab paper, Asharq al Aswat, reported today. The Saudi owned newspaper, which contrary to standard practice cited "an unofficial source" from Israel, specified that the devices blown along the central sector of the Blue Line that demarks the two countries were a part of "Hezbollah’s telecommunications network". The Party of God, on the other hand, confirmed yesterday that the devices destroyed was spy equipment placed there by Israel along the Lebanese land telephone line after the war in 2006, and in violation of UN Resolution n.1701, which interrupted hostilities between the Jewish State and Hezbollah three years ago. A spokesman from UN forces deployed in southern Lebanon (Unifil) for their part specified to ANSA that "an investigation is underway", and that it has not yet been possible to reach a conclusion on the nature of the devices, or who placed them. Preliminary investigations at first attributed them to Israeli ownership. (ANSAmed).

Read the original story at Jihad Watch.

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Lebanon: Spy devices belonged to Hizballah, not Israel


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