Prophetic WARNING from a man with an eerily accurate track record.

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Prophetic WARNING from a man with an eerily accurate track record. by Lance Wallnau

Joel C. Rosenberg now lives in Israel and writes from his bomb shelter basement. His first book “The Last Jihad” blew people away and became an 11-week New York Times Best Seller. He wrote it to warn Americans about the danger of radical Islam, thinking he was four or five years ahead of the threat. He was shocked that 9-11 happened as fast as it did the way it did.

He is worried the same scenario is about to happen now with ISIS.

Rosenberg says: “I am deeply concerned that ISIS is plotting major attacks not only against the U.S. and Israel, but also Jordan and other Arab allies in the Middle East.”

ISIS burned alive the Jordanian fighter pilot it was holding captive in a cage. Then released a 22-minute video of this savage act for the world to see.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II — denounced as “an ally of the crusaders” by ISIS terrorists in the video — was in Washington meeting with leaders many of whom attended the National Prayer Breakfast, where the President made his comments condemning ISIS followed by comments connecting American Christians and the CRUSADES!

Joels current research involves two former CIA directors, one a Democrat and the other a Republican. Jim Woolsey, served with President Clinton, and Porter Goss was the CIA director under George W. Bush.

Asking them, “What keeps you up at night? I’m writing a new series, I need a new enemy. I want to write about something that’s say, four or five years out, but something that’s emerging that you think people should know about.”

They both said, “You’ve got to watch Al-Qaeda in Iraq. They’re morphing into something different. It looks more dangerous to us, and we think they’re going to be a huge problem, in Syria and Iraq.”

They were predicting ISIS and they were not alone. Two Defense Secretaries saw the threat also and told the White House.

Former Defense Secretaries, Bob Gates and Leon Panetta both warned the President NOT TO WITHDRAW all U.S. forces from Iraq – that Iraq’s government was not ready for this and that radical Islam would storm into the vacuum created by American withdrawal.

This historic blunder has received a free pass from the media.

Why this mental fog over the Oval Office?

The extent to which the White House labors under a spell in regard to Islamic extremism is alarming. The disconnection between the Oval Office and America over this subject cuts across party lines. The entire country knows something dangerous is occurring. A recent McLaughlin poll indicates:

• 74 percent of Americans fear ISIS is going to launch a catastrophic terror attack in the U.S.
• 73 percent believe ISIS would perform genocidal acts against Israel if given the chance.
• 65 percent of Americans fear that ISIS will try to overthrow the King of Jordan – an important moderate ally – and then form a base inside Jordan they will launch attacks against Israel and the United States.

Most Americans care little about Jordan, yet they see the situation more clearly than Washington.

Rosenberg went to Israel and interviewed the former head of Israeli security, Mossad, and asked the same questions. He gave the SAME answer.

He then went to Jordan and gathered feedback from the Prime Minister, the Foreign Minister, the Interior Minister and a Prince who is a senor advisor to the King. While talking to the Interior Minister he was asked, “Is this going to be like a Tom Clancy novel?” Joel said, “Well I hope so.” The Minister replied, “Good. Sit down and get your notebook out. Lets go on record. I want to give you this information because the King has appointed me to make sure your scenario never happens, at least not in our country.”

Ask Joel Rosenberg what keeps him up at night? He answers, “I thought ISIS was a threat we would face in four or five years, it’s coming up much faster than I anticipated.”

This is exactly what he said before 9-11.

While media sleeps, and the President rolls over in bed on the WRONG side of the issue, a historic event is unfolding before our eyes…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of ISRAEL, King Adullah in JORDAN and President el-Sisi in EGYPT have formed a historic GRAND ALLIANCE against radical Islam. The most historic POSITIVE geopolitical Middle East development in recent history and American leadership is on the wrong side and media are yawning.

Welcome to the strange new chapter of emerging Sheep and Goat nations. While some strange mental fog disorients American leaders, the leaders in Egypt, Jordan and Israel are moving in unity and clarity against the devil and toward the status of Sheep Nations!

With you on your watch praying for these 3 leaders we will see the plans of the enemy thwarted.
1.) Pray for King Adullah and unity in Jordan.
2.) Pray for Netanyahu’s election in March (the White House wants him out).
3.) Pray that something happens to cause Iran to shift with regard to its nuclear agenda and President Obama will have and heed wise counsel from John Kerry.
4.) Pray for a revived prayer movement and clear headed American leaders to emerge.


Lance Wallnau

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