The Goodness And Grace Of God! by Bobby Conner

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I love this message by Bobby. Bobby has been with us several times and I always enjoy his ministry and testimonies. This message is short but powerful! I love his question to God “What will you do?” He then follows up with “What do you want me to do?” That is a great meditation for today! May God speak to you as you read and apply the message of this article! ~ Bob Campbell

The Goodness And Grace Of God!

by Bobby Conner

The Goodness And Grace Of God!

By Bobby Conner

I was ministering in a civic center in Mexico City several years ago. About 50,000 people were packed into the meetings. Through an interpreter, I was preaching about the Lord’s power to do great and mighty things.

As I prayed for people during the ministry time, a dear man cradling a baby girl began walking down the aisle toward me. I looked into the father’s tender eyes and could see his desperate heart’s cry. When I focused on his precious little girl, I understood his pain. With her raven black hair and her sparkling, dark eyes, the baby girl was beautiful—but when she turned the side of her face toward me, what I saw took my breath away. One side of her face was missing. I could see into her mouth, her jaw and tongue were exposed, and saliva was flowing down her dress. Oh, Lord! I gasped. What will you do?

Suddenly, I no longer saw or heard the thousands attending the meeting, but was transported out of the present into the future. I found myself standing in the little girl’s room. She was three or four years old—old enough to realize that she was disfigured—and lying across her bed with her face in a pillow, sobbing.

The scene then changed. The girl was about 10 or 11, standing in the corner of her room with her face against the wall, crying once more. Once again the scene changed and the girl was 15. We were no longer in her room but standing on the curb of an extremely busy street. As the cars and trucks sped past, the girl slowly turned her face toward me. With the most desperate look imaginable, the girl suddenly hurled herself in front of a bus, instantly dying. I began to scream, No, no!

Suddenly I was transported back to the civic center amidst the throng of people, aware of the desperate daddy holding his precious girl. My heart was still pounding from the future events I had just witnessed. I asked the Lord, What do you want me to do?

His response was soft and gentle, Take your thumb and rub it across the side of her missing face. I did just that, extending my thumb and rubbing it across the huge hole in her face.

As I slowly moved my thumb, God grew the little girl a brand new, lovely face! The miracle happened in a split second.

I do not have human words to describe how I felt. My entire body was electric. My legs were so weak I could hardly stand. Then the Lord spoke to me, saying; Bobby do you know why I healed this girl? I simply replied, No Lord! Then He said, Because I am a good God!

He then gave me this passage from

Nahum 1:7:

The Lord is good,
A stronghold in the day of trouble;
And He knows those who trust in Him.

From that moment, this precious promise has been one of my favorite verses in the Bible.

The deepest longing of my heart is for all to understand and embrace the goodness and grace of God. His plans for us are perfect (Romans 8:28). Even in the midst of pain and overwhelming trouble, God’s help is near.

Reach out to Him, casting all your care upon Him, because He cares for you (Psalms 55:22).

Bobby Conner
EaglesView Ministries
Psalms 115:14-15

Bobby will be with us in Geneseo in August 2015. August 20-23.

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~ Faith And Disappointment

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I believe Everyone needs to hear this teaching….It is very practical but yet powerful… the bible says we MUST renew our mind…The chemical changes that happen when we are stressed or afraid, etc. help contribute to many ill effects…Dr Bob Campbell goes into great depths of teaching on this subject….It makes perfect sense to the natural man……Dr Bob Campbell even explains how low level discouragement is a form of depression….
.I actually had a 7 week class at my church with this teaching and wrote out an outline to study……..You will be surprised at what you will learn from this teaching…..
Thank you for this understanding…..this will give many hopeless a new found hope, without drugs that cover, shock treatments that cause memory loss and expensive coping sessions…..we need to get to the root and have God heal us from here on out by the power of His word with the renewing of our mind Thank you, I am stronger because of it and I have hope again… ~Cathy Catania

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