Boston’s Roman Catholic Cardinal Says He Confronted Obama about Abortion in Health Care Plan at Ted Kennedy’s Funeral

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Boston, wrote on Thursday that he confronted President Obama on the question of abortion in the health care reform plan when he spoke to Obama in a Boston church at Sen. Ted Kennedy’s funeral.
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Abortion is not health care

Abortion is not health care
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News: Documentary Follows Post-Abortive Women

Feminists for Life of America (FFL) has a new series of videos on its Web site called Exposing Coercion: Pregnant Women Stand Up.

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A time for truth on abortion

Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist and racist who said “The most merciful thing a family does for one of its infant members is to kill it.”
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Healthcare is about building families, not abortion

The Left has been calling abortion ‘healthcare’ for years
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Shocking Allegations by Ex-Abortion Workers Prompt Meeting with NE Attorney General

Shocking Allegations by Ex-Abortion Workers Prompt Meeting with NE Attorney General Pro-life groups will hold press conference after the meeting to discuss the next steps in efforts to enforce the law at LeRoy Carhart’s seedy abortion business LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 2 /Christian Newswire/ — Representatives from Operation Rescue, Nebraskans United for Life, Rescue the Heartland, and other pro-life groups are scheduled to meet with Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning on Thursday, September 3, 2009, to submit and discuss…
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Abortion: Which Side Is Fabricating?

Despite what Obama said, the House bill would allow abortions to be covered by a federal plan and by federally subsidized private plans….
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Obama Says "Government Funding of Abortion" is "Fabrication," But the White House-Backed House Bill Explicitly Authorizes It

WASHINGTON — In a conference call with supporters this afternoon, President Obama said that it is a “fabrication” to say that the legislation backed by the White House would result in “government funding of abortions,” and that this is “untrue.”…
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Newsweek’s Profile of Late-Term Abortionist Riddled With Misrepresentation

A shoddy and slanted profile of late-term abortionist Dr.

LeRoy Carhart by Sarah Kliff

in Newsweek magazine contains misrepresentation of the practice of late-term

abortion. It also omits a serious episode in the career of Dr. Carhart that

resulted in the tragic death of a 19-year-old woman.

In writing about

the grisly practice of late-term abortion, Kliff falsely claims, “Past

viability, no doctor will terminate a pregnancy without a compelling

reason.” This has been proven completely false in recent testimony by Dr.

Paul McHugh, one of the leading psychiatrists in the country, who examined the

medical records of patients seen by deceased late-term abortionist Dr. George


Last year, the Harvard-educated McHugh relayed that some women

stated that their reasons for wanting a late-term abortion included “not

being able to go to a rock concert.” According to Dr. McHugh, Dr. Tiller

performed late-term abortions for “mostly social reasons.”

A 2007 must-see interview with Dr. McHugh contained the

following exchange:

INTERVIEWER: And did you see anyone’s

file that justified a late-term abortion by demonstrating that she would

suffer substantial and irreversible harm?

DR. McHUGH: I saw no file

that justified abortion on that basis.

Kliff fails

to note that late-term abortionists themselves have admitted that almost

all late abortions are purely elective.

Dr. Martin Haskell is

doctor who has performed late-term abortions. He was recorded on audiotape at

the National Abortion Federation conference in San Francisco in March 1996

saying that “[close] to 100%” of late-term abortions are


“We seem to be taking a position that, in

the case of the D&X [a procedure often used for late-term abortions], that

the fetuses are dead at the beginning of the procedure, which is generally not

the case. The second criticism has been that we are really skewing the

debate to a very small percentage of women that have fetal anomalies or some

other problem that really need the procedure versus the 90% who it’s elected,

at least through the 20 to 24 week time period; and as you get on up towards

28 weeks, it becomes closer to 100%.


addition, Dr. Tiller was quoted at the National Abortion Federation conference

in New Orleans in April 1995. (I’ve transcribed Dr. Haskell’s and Dr. Tiller’s

own words from the audio of a CD called “Fire & Ice” (available

at Life


“We have some experience with late

terminations. About 10,000 patients between 24 and 36 weeks, and something

like 800 fetal anomalies between 26 and 36 weeks in the past 5


Do the math. Tiller said that about

8% of his late terminations were for “fetal anomalies.” Following

reason through Dr. Haskell’s premise, the rest are completely elective! (In

this case, I’m ignoring the argument that a “fetal anomaly” is a

justifiable reason for an abortion. It is not.)

Kliff writes that there

are “many circumstances” that lead to women seeking abortions,

“whether she is that suicidal rape victim or a well-heeled New Yorker who

just discovered a fatal fetal defect.” From the testimonies of actual

abortionists, we can see how misleading Kliff’s words are.

In her long

profile of Carhart, Kliff makes no mention of the fact that he played a key

role before the tragic death of a 19-year-old woman with Down Syndrome,

Christin Gilbert. Miss Gilbert was 28 weeks pregnant after being sexually

abused. According to a must-see study of the case by Operation Rescue,

Dr. Carhart attended to Miss Gilbert for her abortion. Three days after

visiting Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas (operated by Dr.

George Tiller, but Dr, Carhart was there at the time), Christin was dead.

According to the autopsy report, she died “as a result of complications

of a therapeutic abortion.”

Why didn’t Kliff mention this awful,

awful case?



Obama Lifts Ban on Federal Funding for Embryo-Killing Research

Obama Lifts Ban on Federal Funding for Embryo-Killing Research
White House ( – President Barack Obama issued an executive order Monday lifting President Bush’s prohibition on federal funding for research in which living human embryos are destroyed for their stem cells. Obama said he would seek to “ensure that our government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction.” But neither in his remarks nor in the executive order itself did he say anything about stopping the cloning of human embryos in order to extract their stem cells for research.

Australia Ends Its Ban on Abortion-Related Overseas Aid
( – Six weeks after President Obama overturned a ban on federal funds going to non-governmental organizations that promote or perform abortions, the Australian government on Tuesday took a similar step. The decision was condemned by church groups.