Al-Arabiya Television Network Deserves Praise for Anti-terrorism Program

The popular Arab satellite television network Al Arabiya has done the world a service by broadcasting a program that criticizes al-Qaeda terrorists and exposes the enormous suffering that al-Qaeda has imposed on Arab victims of terrorism, according to Fox News. Reporter Amy Kellogg filed a great segment on the televised show, called “Death Making” in Arabic, that has broadcast an anti-terrorism message to Arab audiences that too often are bombarded with romanticized coverage of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups by other Arab news networks, particularly Al Jazeera.

The Al Arabiya program is hosted by Rima Salha, a Lebanese journalist who has sparked controversy by confronting the extremist ideology of al-Qaeda and other groups with a critical eye. Salha is quoted as saying: “As we know, there are lots of Muslims who are brainwashed so they believe in terrorism but there are also big sections of Muslims who sympathize with terrorists. We are targeting those people and trying to explain to them that terrorism is not a good thing.” Because of her reporting, Salha has received death threats and been singled out for criticism by al-Qaeda’s number two leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Nevertheless, Salha remains dedicated to reporting the truth: “Of course I receive threats on a regular basis, but that does not prevent me from doing my mission.” One can only hope that other Arab journalists and media outlets will follow her lead and report honestly on the mass murderers of al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups.
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