Thanks for clearing that up: “Barack is now the last [Kennedy] brother. … Ted Kennedy, last year, basically designated [Barack Obama] the new brother and I don’t mean that in an ethnic sense or a black sense. I mean a brother of the Kennedy tradition. And I think he’s the new brother, not that last brother.” –MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

From a parallel universe: “[W]e sorely miss Kennedy’s moral clarity. He believed our nation has the responsibility to ensure that every American has the right to affordable health care. Perhaps his life as an eternal prince taught him that happiness and salvation lie in sacrificing self-interest for the greater good.” –Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson

Anti-hero is more like it: “In a sense he was the classic American hero, the imperfect man who was sorely tested and yet in that testing found a way to overcome personal flaws and go on to accomplish great things. … Ted Kennedy made a difference.” –CBS’s Bob Schieffer

If by “strong” she means “nominal”: “Kennedy’s strong Catholicism coexisted with his commitment to preserving a woman’s right to choose, and is one more in a long list of reasons why he will be missed as the health-care-reform battle crescendos this fall. …[T]he anti-reform movement is gearing up to make abortion the next big donnybrook.” –Newsweek’s Eleanor Clift

Natterings from a vacuous drone: “Opponents of Obama’s ‘public plan option’ whine about government intervention in the private sector, though they were conspicuously silent when taxpayers had to bail out Wall Street. Health insurance companies and other critics are pouring millions into defeating the proposed legislation. They are disseminating falsehoods and using fear tactics to scare constituents. Lawmakers — our elected public servants — have a moral duty to help the 47 million Americans who have no insurance.” –White House press corps member Helen Thomas (We have opposed big government all along.)

Non Compos Mentis: “I like making liberals shoot guns — I just don’t think we should be allowed to bring them home. It’s like I mean you go to the carnival you know, like the roller coasters — it’s fun. But that doesn’t mean you get one to come home with. Doesn’t mean you get to do your own home roller coaster — just leave it there, it’s a game.” –MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow