The essence of ObamaCare: “We have a problem in America and it’s called the private insurance industry.” –Sen. Harry Reid (Commie-NV)

Redefining compassion: “These are all fabrications that have been put out there in order to discourage people from meeting what I consider to be a core ethical and moral obligation: that is, that we look out for one another; that is, I am my brother’s keeper, I am my sister’s keeper. And in the wealthiest nation in the world right now, we are neglecting to live up to that call.” –Barack Obama using government as the be all and end all in “compassion”

Trouble in paradise: “[Blue Dog Democrats] just want to cause trouble. They’re for the most part, I hate to say, brain dead, but they’re just looking to raise money from insurance companies and promote a right-wing agenda that is not really very useful in this whole process.” –Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark (D-CA)

That’s deep: “The greatest expectations were placed upon Ted Kennedy’s shoulders because of who he was, but he surpassed them all because of who he became.” –Barack Obama

Off the deep end: “It was just mentioned to me by our esteemed speaker, ‘Did anyone say anything about the Cuban health system?’ And let me tell you before you say, ‘Oh, it’s communist,’ you need to [go] down there and see what Fidel Castro put in place. … Now, you can think whatever you want to about Fidel Castro but he was one of the brightest leaders I have ever met. … And, you know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, Che Guevara did that — and then after they took over they went out among the population to find someone who could lead this new nation, and they found…. Well, just leave it there. Ha-ha! An attorney by the name of Fidel Castro.” –Rep. Diane Watson (Commie-CA)

The end is near: “Make no mistake: catastrophic climate change represents a threat to human security, global stability, and — yes — even to American national security.” –Sen. John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam